Tommy at Revelwood. Photo Wendell

Tommy at Revelwood. Photo Wendell

What an amazing summer we’ve had already. The weather has been the hottest we remember – and likewise many of our guests 🙂

The weather was spectacularly warm over the camping season, although several degrees cooler than the Lismore Showgrounds – especially if you spent all day sitting in the creek in a camp chair drinking beers, as many did!

The rain on the night of our party was a blessed relief for many and created a very steamy atmosphere on the dancefloor. (As promised, no photos of that. If you were there you will know what we mean – and if you weren’t you will just have to come next year to find out!)

Many regulars commented that the place looked spectacular – and that was entirely due to the efforts of our two wonderful wwoofers* Warren and Fabian, without whom we simply could not have done it. Thank you guys so much for your wonderful contributions.

Thanks also to our Faerie party chefs Spryte and Jasper, who cooked up a storm, and to the guys who volunteered their time on the day of the party: Nathan, Ant, Dragonfly, Puck and Papa Smurf. (Forgive me if I have missed anyone out.)

Special thanks too to regular campers Tommy (model) and Wendell (photographer) for the fab photos that decorate this page.

The festive season may be behind us, but summer is far from over. With temperatures still soaring well into the 30s every day, the pool, the creek or the beach are the places to be – and clothes are definitely best left in the closet.

So if summer has so-far passed you by, now is the time to join the many guys who are taking advantage of the continuing heat to get themselves an all-over tan at Revelwood.

*Wwoofers are ‘willing workers on organic farms’ (aka volunteers usually from overseas) not guys who like to wear dog collars, although they are welcome too 🙂


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